What We Know

Prevention Works!


TPAUD conducts extensive data collection to understand the problem of substance abuse in Trumbull. Student surveys and focus groups provide us with information on youth attitudes and behavior around alcohol and drug use. TPAUD also surveys parent surveys to understand how parent attitudes about underage drinking and drug use may frame youth beliefs and behavior.


From our surveys data, our work in the community, and the insights of our members, we know that PREVENTION WORKS and it works in Trumbull. At TPAUD, we know that efforts to address youth alcohol and drug use must focus on the environment around our kids. Our efforts are concentrated in the following areas:


  • Education & Outreach – educating youth, parents, and community on the risks of underage substance abuse and prevention strategies


  • Access & Enforcement – reducing youth access to alcohol, marijuana, and prescription drugs; supporting local police in enforcing the laws that are in place to keep our youth safe