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A five-part series for adults and kids to watch together on the
importance of making healthy choices

Conversation Starters


Responsible Decision-Making:


  • Where does your family store medicine, and how do they keep it safe?

  • What are 3 things you can do to show you are responsible?

  • What are some of the risks you've taken, and have they had negative or positive effects?

Peer Pressure:


  • When did you feel pressure from others or from yourself to do something negative or positive?

  • How do you get yourself out of an uncomfortable or dangerous situation? What can you say or do?

  • How can grown-ups help kids face peer pressure?



  • Talk about a time that you've been stressed How did you handle it?

  • What are the things in your like that cause stress?

  • What are some positive ways that you can deal with the stress in your life?



  • How do you use effective communication?

  • How could you improve your communication in your family?

  • How can you improve your communication when dealing with new people and situations?

Good Citizenship:


  • What specific things can you do to be a good citizen in your school and community?

  • Who are the trusted adults in your life you can go to with a problem?

  • Who are the helpers in our community?

Talking About

The Talking About It workbooks, used in our 6th grade health classes, are designed to get caregivers and kids talking about the dangers of underage substance use. We encourage you to use them with the kids in your life.

Let's Talk About Alcohol_Page_1.jpg
Let's Talk About Marijuana_Page_1.jpg
Let's Talk About Vaping_Page_1.jpg

Additional Resources

Visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse for information to help you talk with your kids and teens about drugs and their effects, including these free, downloadable Mind Matters booklets that explore the ways that different drugs affect kids' brains, bodies, and life.

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