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What We Know

TPAUD conducts extensive data collection to understand the problem of underage substance use in Trumbull. Student surveys and focus groups provide us with information on youth attitudes and behavior around alcohol and drug use. From our survey data, our work in the community, and the insights of our members, we know that PREVENTION WORKS in Trumbull. At TPAUD, we know that efforts to address youth alcohol and drug use must focus on building the protective factors that keep our kids safe. Read our latest survey results here.

TPAUD 2021 Student Survey Data Report Cover.jpg

TPAUD surveys of all THS students in 2021 revealed that youth alcohol use in Trumbull has dropped dramatically since 2010, and vaping nicotine and marijuana use are at their lowest rates since 2007. This is great news! However, there is still work to be done. Please click on the image above for the full TPAUD Youth Survey 2021 Data Report.

TPAUD22Info Brief_Page_1.jpg
TPAUD22Info Brief_Page_2.jpg

Data Presentations

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